Datastage online Training

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Datastage online Training

IBM datastage an ETL tool that provides high volumes of data integration. Datastage utilizes the graphical documentation to develop information coordination that can be accessible in different forms. Ikeenacademy provides the best datastage online training, datastage corporate training with well experienced trainers will make you a datastage developer.

Who can take datastage course?

  • Software developers
  • Business architects
  • Data Analyst
  • ETL Developer
  • Fresher who is looking to make a career in BI.

Datastage course content:

  • Introduction to datastage
  • Datastage architecture, clients, designer
  • Types of datastage jobs
  • Setting up datastage tool
  • Importing tables
  • Creating parallel jobs
  • Accessing the Sequential data
  • Platform architecture
  • Command line interface
  • Use of multiple readers
  • OSH & Score
  • Combining data
  • Collecting algorithm
  • Sorting the data
  • Aggregating data
  • Transforming data with user defined code and system functions.
  • Repository Functions
  • Working with relational data
  • Creating database connections
  • Defining SQL statements
  • Metadata parallel framework
  • Schemas creation and explanation
  • Job control
  • User variables
  • Sequence links
  • Sequence triggers
  • Handling errors and exceptions.

Ikeenacademy benefits:

Ikeenacedemy the best choice for datastage course as we have good in –hose team of experts teaches the real-time scenarios with live projects. Datastage course content by the ikeenacademy is prepared the datastage experts who are well experienced to enhance the trainee career to software development. We provide 24*7 support for all online trainings, corporate trainings where the trainees can select their own hand-made trainer.

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